Syndrome rampant caries / bottle caries / Early childhood caries. All these names illustrate the condition of dental caries that attacks the teeth at a very early age, very aggressive and fast destroying many teeth at one time. Caries is not different from caries in adults and is associated with the same bacterial plaque, but has unique characteristics only for it . It usually attacks at the age of two to six years, and already requires general anesthesia to treat a young child.

What signs has it: in the primary teeth (milk) appear white spots, then more yellow spots and tooth decay begins its development of the area of ​​the neck of the tooth and then causes the detachment of the crown from the root of the tooth, with the appearance of pain and pus.

Why is it only appearing in babies? the mouth at birth is free of bacteria that produce plaque but what happens often parents unintentionally and inadvertently transmits these germs to the baby. Through the kiss on the lips, using the same spoon when testing the food and then feeding the baby, or the baby is shown how tasty the food is and licking the spoon, then is introduced into the baby’s mouth, and do not forget of soothers that fall to the floor and the parents clean them in their mouths and then give them to the baby, and some who test the bottle with milk to check if it is not too hot, so the baby gets the bacterial germs from the parents. But as long as there are no teeth we have no problem, after the teeth erupt the risk of tooth decay begin.

Decomposition of teeth by bottle caries is caused by two main reasons: 1) lack of brushing and cleaning after eruption of the first tooth, 2) going to bed at night after sweetened drink, including prepared milk or maternal milk

1) Failure to brush: as soon as the first tooth erupted , it is necessary to brush or clean it. This is done without toothpaste and should be done at least at night due to a lower secretion of saliva unlike to the day, which gives the bacteria a good environment to develop and attack the tooth.

2) All sugary drinks cause tremendous damage to the teeth, including prepared milk or breast milk that are high in sugars called lactose, the phenomenon that the baby slept in bed with a bottle while drinking milk or sweetened liquid is the dominant factor in damage of the bottle caries. If the baby wants a bottle a lot it can only be a bottle with water.




Iron rules for avoiding bottle or early tooth decay

1) After the first tooth eruption, avoid giving prepared milk or breastfeeding milk at night

2) Do not put the baby in bed with a bottle with milk or sweetened liquid, only water

3) It is necessary to brush the teeth with a finger brush after the first tooth erupted

4) Without toothpaste until the age of 2 years, babies cannot spit and swallow the paste

5) After two years it is possible with toothpaste

6) Once there is suspicion of caries seek advice, it may be possible to grasp the problem on time.

7). It is important that the child first do the brushing on his own, and then the parent must complete the action. This also relates to the parents’ complaint: “My son does not brush his teeth” Would he let the child not bathe every day? Obviously not, it all depends on explanation and persuasion, but do not stop brushing. Otherwise it will cause tremendous damage in a short time, which will sometimes require general anesthesia for dental treatment.


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