First of all, we will make order since nowadays, in addition to the hand brush, there is also the electric brush and each group has its own characteristics and of course the size is different if the brush is designed for babies, children or adults.

So, let's start with the shape of the brush and I will refer only to the hand brush in this article

We have to check three components of the brush 1) handle 2) brush head 3) the brush fibers and the direction of the fibers.

1) The handle of the brush should be comfortable and be adjusted to grip to be able to manipulate it, in the different areas of the mouth and to the different angles during brushing. The brush should be ergonomically designed to fit the best possible grip and brushing, which includes the addition of rubber parts, which improves the grip of the handle, and certainly the length of the handle depends on the age of the user. The length of the handle will be smaller when the age is younger so that the baby or the parents do not cause injury during the brushing and the width will be greater at an early age and the length increases with the age of the user and the width is shortened with age.

2) Brush head. The length of the head should always be small, which will allow us to maneuver better in each area of ​​the mouth. This ratio is maintained on all children's brushes, but this is not the case for adults where you can buy a brush with a head of 5-cm or more, which is not recommended at all. It should be up to 3 cm. Because of this "I always recommend that adults buy children's or youth's brushes."

3) The fibers of the brush. The recommendation is to always buy a soft fiber brush because we have to mainly brush, the area of ​​the connection between the teeth and gums, and we do not want to damage the gums. Do not use brushes with medium or hard fibers that cause great damage. I emphasize that soft fibers are recommended. There are also super soft fibers especially recommended after periodontal treatment or dental implants. Children's brushes are always made with soft fibers no matter what age. Therefore, as a general rule for adults it is advisable to buy a brush for children-young, as both the size of the brush head and the quality of the fibers are the most desirable. One important thing that we cannot check is the quality of the fibers and their shape, which should be rounded at the end so as not to damage the gums. The last thing to consider is the number of rows of fibers. This parameter applies to the width of the brush head. As a general rule, three fiber lines are recommended along the head of the brush, then again, the recommendation is a young-child brush that actually includes all recommended parameters and what is commonly said brush number 30 that is (3 cm * 3 rows)

The direction of the fibers. This parameter also includes different types and shapes. I will refer only to the two main groups.

Straight fibers or diagonal fibers of 45 degrees. And it will depend on the method of our brushing. When we position the brush at 45 degrees to fit the area of ​​the teeth and gums, we need straight fibers, and this is the method we teach to brush. Due to most of the population is not brushed well, the manufacturers attempted to tilt the fibers to 45 degrees, as soon as the user placed the brush 90 degrees towards on the front of the tooth, the diagonal fibers would enter the area to be brushed. There are also combinations between them or with a round tip that rotate and some straight, but it is not necessarily effective there are also fibers or rubber edges that claim to massage the gums they have not been scientifically proven to be effective.

In summary by age there are different brushes in different stages that must all be soft fibers and can be obtained in a number of companies such as Oral B, Jordan, Colgate, Sensodyne and more

Babies up to 1-year old with some teeth, a finger brush

Children 1-year old who have not yet erupted all brush teeth STEP 1

Babies three-five brush STAGE 2

Children Age Six-Nine brush STAGE 3

Children of nine or twelve years old brush STAGE 4 or Junior

And then more than 12 brushes for Juniors

Brushes for young people are also recommended for adults # 30


The toothbrushes for youngs and adults can also be purchased in my clinics  2 for 15 shekels as an attention for our patients