Dr. Ernesto Sclarovsky General Dentist

Dr. Ernesto Sclarovsky graduated from University of Tucumán in northern of Argentina in 1984. Immediately afterwards, he immigrated to Israel. At the beginning , he worked in the Health Services of Kupat Holim Clalit, and after his military service as a dentist he started working in the private sector in the Petah Tikva region in 1986. In 1993, he moved with his family to Kibbutz Tel Itzhak in the Hashron area as a member of it. Since then he has worked in his two clinics located in  rural areas, quiets and pastorals. The clinic in the kibbutz Tel Itzhak is currently in the area of ​​residence for the elderly age called “Hahuza (land) Poleg” in the complex together with the clinic “Mahagalim” (circles).The clinic in moshav Beit Herut is located near the swimming pool and the secretariat of the place. Dr Ernesto Scalrovsky has more than 30 years of experience and knowledge. He has extensive training in all areas of dentistry constantly updated in Israel and abroad. He received an up-to-date dentistry certificate from the Israeli dental association. It gives lectures to the general public about dentistry, especially for senior citizens. Over the years he has accumulated extensive experience in the treatment of the elderly population. In the clinic, you will receive a personal, warm and courteous treatment that is suitable for each one of you. The treatments are performed at the highest level, meticulous and without conciliation, using advanced materials available in the dental market, and includes unconditional supervision in disinfection, sterilization and the use of disposable materials. We do conservatives treatments with  focus on aesthetics, teeth whitening, oral rehabilitation, implants and the rehabilitation of them, can also be done treatments with the laughter gas . The treatments are photographed with an intraoral camera, which gives to the patient an understanding of their problems and treatment methods. The clinic is equipped with digital radiography system that reduces radiation by 90%. Those interested may also receive the photographs by email or on disk on key. In the clinic, there is a television in the treatment room, which allows the patient to watch television during treatment

The “Belief of Dr. Ernesto Sclarovsky”

In recent years, dentistry has advanced in the development of new materials and improved existing ones, new treatment methods have been created that have opened a no end of options, with immense results and achievements, so much so that today we can restore the teeth that were lost due to the placement of dental implants, that a few decades ago we only dreamed about it. Although I firmly believe that current technology gives us a boost and significantly improves results, I and my team work not only are we aware of our patients dental needs but also understand  their difficulty in approaching to medical care at cause of fear, with more than 30 years in the treatment of thousands of patients I have not forgotten, on the contrary we emphasize that the human relationship between the dentist and the patient is the key to the success of the treatment.