Mouth irrigator is a device composed by a handle which water passes through toward a small hole at the end and a very fine jet with a lot of pressure that can drag and sweep things in their path, has the ability to enter in deep places that are difficult or impossible to penetrate otherwise (it is like a water pressure device used in the washing car)

Is this device really good? Yes, Basically the water irrigator is not new in dentistry exists for over 50 years. There are endless studies that show wonderful results in maintaining oral hygiene, especially in the presence of gums disease and prevention of its deterioration. As a perfect complement to tooth brushing. The only accessory able to enter into the inflamed periodontal pocket and remove plaque and bacteria and induce healing of gums. Considered a worthy floss replacement. Excellent when there are bridges, implants, orthodontics.

Suitable for all: Yes, Suitable for children and adults, with healthy gums or periodontal disease

What types are ? The oldest type, WATERPIK was the first to bring this solution to help oral hygiene has a high cost, it has to fill each time the container for water, works with electricity, takes up a lot of space, and after a few years the pump It breaks and cannot always be fixed, you cannot take it on trips.

The second type is SILON IT or similar very popular were designed in Israel and appeared about a decade ago (possibly after the expiration of the invention license) has the same benefits, since it is the same principle of irrigating with water but added many improvements unlike the first to appear the WATERPIK. small and simple device very cheap, directly transfers tap water, there is no need to fill a container, no need for electricity, no pump, no space, can be easily transported, turn the handle can be connected to the shower phone. Special antiseptics can be added to the handle that will come out along with the water. It is possible to work with one hand, it is not necessary to insert the fingers into the mouth, it can be used after each meal and at least once a day. Therefore, its use was widely spread in a short time

Disadvantages: It is necessary to connect with an adapter to the sink faucet, it is simple but very old people have a hard time doing it, it is preferable a one faucet with a faucet for cold and hot water, it is easier to regulate the pressure and temperature instead of a system with two taps one for cold water and one for hot water. In the mouth is filled with water within a few seconds therefore, the action should be done on the pool with the mouth slightly open to let the water fall on the pool, has to get used to the water pressure and it is important not be very strong pressure because it hurt the gums.