What’s dental fissure? Fissures and pits are natural grooves that form part of the morphology and natural structure of the tooth in its upper part in the chewing area, in the premolar and molar teeth (as if they were rivers between the mountains). These fissures help in chewing and grinding foods the problem is when these fissures are sometimes not tightly closed and offer an ideal place for bacteria to proliferate..

What is sealed pits and fissures? The goal is to seal these grooves, and prevent bacteria penetration and the appearance of cavities.

How is this done? The sealing is done without anesthesia, first the area should be cleaned with a small brush that is soaked in a cleaning paste, before sealing. After cleaning, a material is applied to the surface of the tooth which flows easily through the grooves of the tooth and it is of a different color as white-yellow-brown, and then a special light-curing lamp is applied which hardens the applied material.

Whom and when should dental seal be done? It is recommended only for children as an adult who comes for a checkup and no caries has been discovered in this area there is no fear that he may be in the future. In children, it is recommended as early as possible when the presence of open or incompletely closed grooves has been diagnosed and the probability of caries is high. Age: from 6 to 12 years, immediately after eruption of each tooth depending on his location and distribution in the mouth.

Is it necessary to seal all teeth? No, there is no medical justification that it is advisable to seal all teeth, it should be done only on those teeth that the grooves or orifices are very likely to develop caries and will depend on the professional’s recommendation after the clinical examination.

How long does a dental seal last? The sealing can survive for tens of years, but at least we want to them to stand up at least until the age of 18 because if there had been no tooth decay at this site, it is reasonable to assume that it will not happen in the future and anyway it is possible re-sealing without fear as this does not cause any damage to the tooth.

Will dental sealing prevent tooth decay? No, the sealing will only prevent caries in the area of ​​the grooves and will not prevent the development of cavities between the teeth in adulthood.